• My honest review of Plus500

    Today I wanna write about my experience and review plus500. I have been always interested in financial markets such as stock market, options trading and lately also currency trading. 

    So how did I find Plus500 ?

    You know their ads are just everywhere so its really hard to oversee it. I registered a free account last October and have been playing with it for two months and even then I deposit real $500 to test the waters with some real bucks. Result ? So far so good, but heck Im advanced trader and no noob of course. If I was a noob, I wouldnt want to start with Plus500 but rather something with more stable platform and 24 hours online support. 

    What was my experience ?

    Well I guess I need something more powerful to trade the markets, I require advanced technical analysis and at least MetaTrader4 to be honest. Unfortunately Plus500 does not deliver this. I also want spread EURUSD that is more narrow than what this platform offers. So I switched to other forex broker recently.

    Next time I’ll write me about this.

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